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The term “Elder Law” can be misleading.  Elder law attorneys advocate on behalf of the elderly and the infirmed, and their families.  It differs from traditional estate planning, although it includes estate planning, in that Elder Law emphasizes the older person or disabled person, and his or her current and future needs, while alive.  

Estate planning can be considered planning for what happens when you die; Elder Law is planning for what happens while you are alive, and how you, the client, lives with dignity and control over the circumstances of your life.  

In establishing a plan with the client, Emily Ann Klotz assists the older or disabled person to use assets to achieve client goals while alive, not simply to benefit heirs following your death.

Emily can assist you in planning properly for your future or for a loved one’s needs, if appropriate, in order to ease the possibility of economic hardship, reduce emotional distress and cope with the difficulties of aging.

Areas that may be discussed include guardianships, long term care insurance, reverse mortgages, Medicare, Medicaid, spousal protection and the protection of disabled family members, transfer of assets, powers of attorney, health care proxies and living wills, a variety of trusts, estate planning, and estate planning.

An Elder Lawyer, such as Emily Ann Klotz, seeks to provide each client with the education and information necessary to understand the ever-growing complex issues surrounding aging and disabilities.  Through the preparation of appropriate legal documents, options and choices become available to the individual or family to manage future age related, mental or physical disabilities.  The Law Office of Emily Ann Klotz can assist with the preparation and review of these documents.

Elder Law focuses on:

Power of Attorney

Health Care Proxy/ Living Will

Guardianships for minors or for Incapacitated Adults

Asset Protection

Medicaid Planning

Estate Planning

Wills and Testamentary Trusts

Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

Probate and Estate Administration

Real Estate

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