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A Power of Attorney is a document in which you name one or more persons to manage your finances and/or otherwise act on your behalf if you are not able to do so.  

A Power of Attorney can be broadly drafted to give the designated person or persons, called your Agent, authority to act in all matters.  In the alternative, you may limit the powers given to your agent to specific matters.  You can name a Monitor who can ovesee the actions taken on your behalf by your Agent(s).  

If prepared properly, the Power of Attorney gives the person or persons you name as Agent, the ability to deal directly with banks, landlords, insurance companies, tax authorities and other governmental agencies on your behalf.This document  may also be used to authorize the named agent or agents to transfer funds or gift funds in order to engage in Medicaid planning in conjunction with an asset protection plan.

For a Power of Attorney that will ensure that the person or persons whom you want to handle your finances and other legal matters will be able to do so, please contact the Law Office of Emily Ann Klotz, PLLC

Power of Attorney
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